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1) Presentation Skills

2) Private Coaching

Program Description

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1) Presentation Skills

(In-house Corporate Training, 1 or 2 Days)

Developing a presentation is a deeply personal matter. We’ve all found ways to prepare that work for us. Presentation Skills provides a practical learning experience that allows you to; confirm what’s working for you today and identify where and how to make improvements. You will be challenged, stimulated and supported. Our principles apply in one-on-one interactions, group meetings and stand-up presentations.

Our approach includes a focus on substance – what you say and style – how you say it.

Substance. Our 3 stage Presentation Development Process will help you create content that is results focused and listener sensitive. We combine strategic thinking with a step-by-step approach to producing content.

Style. The qualities of your presentation style powerfully affect your ability to have the impact that you want in any situation. Our highly individualized approach to feedback and coaching will raise your self-awareness and draw out the best of who you are to create a style that is uniquely your own.

You gain:

  • efficiencies in presentation development
  • greater awareness of your listener’s needs
  • deeper understanding of how you are perceived by others
  • techniques to increase your comfort and effectiveness
  • stronger presence and mental focus in all situations
  • the ability to present less and engage with your listeners more

We will also help your team prepare for presentations in important situations like board meetings, competitive bids and analysts’ meetings.

2) Private Coaching

When the stakes are high – pitching for a huge new contract, your first speech to an industry association or introducing a strategic change initiative to your team – we give you the expertise, coaching and support you need to prepare for these important communication situations. Our goal is to help you present your ideas in fresh ways that make your audience sit up, take notice and take action.

Private coaching may include videotaping.

I wanted to thank you for the informative presentation. The content hit the mark for our participants and nicely built on the other presentations earlier in the day. Thank you for helping to increase the leadership capability of the great women in Soroptimist.

Margaret Gilbey, Governor, Eastern Canada Region, Soroptimist International
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