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Jill is a skilled and inspiring facilitator, coach and speaker. She has been designing and delivering professional development programs for more than a dozen years. Jill is dedicated to the belief that face-to-face communication is the most essential business tool. That belief stems from her experience in leadership roles in customer service, operations, sales and human resources in large corporations and smaller, niche companies in highly competitive industries.

Jill’s practical approach to skill development has evolved through her work in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. She has coached professionals at all levels, across all industries. Clients include executives, engineers, sales professionals, technicians and project managers. Jill is committed to developing clear, confident, persuasive communicators: to helping people be themselves – only better.

In both one-on-one coaching and gorup sessions, Jill’s clients marvel at the insightful feedback that she provides in a gracious, direct manner. Jill reaches into the deep well of her experience and pulls up just the needed coaching that works for the client in that moment. Personalized feedback, practical advice and tangible tools deliver immediate results.

Jill is an accredited facilitator of many innovative skill development programs in areas including change management, coaching and leadership. She is an expert in training communication and presentation skills. Jill’s distinctive blend of enthusiasm, sensitivity, humour and business savvy engages her clients in the moment and motivates them to follow through with a plan to further develop their skills.

A love of music and dance fuels the unique energy and spirit that Jill brings to her work.

Beyond her professional capabilities, Jill brings a certain magic to the classroom and to all her professional interactions. Animated, energetic, fully engaged – Jill is all of these things. Her clients respond enthusiastically in the moment and the benefits they receive are both immediate and long lasting.

Scott Williams, President, Global Knowledge Canada
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