Presentation Skills. Create Connections.

A Style That Is Uniquely Your Own

Focus On Results

Develop Your Story

Connection Is The Goal

We are delighted with the overwhelming positive feedback from members who participated in your workshops over the past three years. Nearly 100% of participants rated the highest score possible for; the workshop’s use of their time, expected frequency of use of the information, and of your skills and methods as a facilitator.

Dr. M. Giuliani, Medical Director Cancer Education, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre


Resolve to raise the bar on the quality of your presentations. Set a new communication benchmark for yourself and your organization. Our promise is that you will learn the skills needed to develop clear, concise messages and deliver them in your own natural way. And most importantly in our wired world, you will learn how to truly connect with the people on the other side of your communication.


Developing a presentation is a deeply personal matter. We’ve all found ways to prepare that work for us. Presentation Skills provides a practical learning experience that allows you to; confirm what’s working for you today and identify where and how to make improvements. You will be challenged, stimulated and supported. Our principles apply in one-on-one interactions, group meetings and stand-up presentations.


Jill is a skilled and inspiring facilitator, coach and speaker. She has been designing and delivering professional development programs for more than a dozen years. Jill is dedicated to the belief that face-to-face communication is the most essential business tool. That belief stems from her experience in leadership roles in customer service, operations, sales and human resources in large corporations. and smaller, niche companies.

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